Erica Desai – Favorite Female Singers

Erica Desai is a young professional living in Richmond, Virginia. Although she works in the healthcare field, she has a wide variety of issues outside of work, and one of her favorites is singing. She started singing as a young child, and later got involved in musical theatre and choir productions in high school. Desai still loves to sing, and she has a few favorite female vocalists that inspire her to keep working hard and improving.

Erica Desai

  • – Kelly Clarkson has been one of Desai’s favorite singers since she won the first season of American Idol. She has consistently released high-quality pop music with strong vocals and catchy choruses over the past decade, and she is known for her sweet and relatable personality as well. She is known for being very technically consistent and emotive with her delivery.
  • – Adele is another great singer who has risen to fame over the past several years. She is known for her soulful ballads, such as ‘Hello’, ‘Someone Like You’, and ‘Rolling in the Deep’. She has won many awards around the world, including several Grammy awards, as well as an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
  • – Lana Del Rey is one of Desai’s favorite alternative artists. Del Rey is known for her unique sound, which combines influences from indie, pop, hip hop, trance, and more. Her work is very cinematic, and she even released a short film in 2013, entitled Tropico.

Erica Desai loves to sing, and she especially loves supporting female artists whose work inspires her to continue practicing.



Erica Desai – Best United States Cities for Young Professionals

Erica Desai is a 24-year-old working in the health care field and living in Richmond, Virginia. Desai loves living in Richmond for many reasons. There is a large population of young, creative people, which means there are plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new people. The city is also very artsy and full of culture and history, which is wonderful for a creative type like Desai, who lists painting and singing as two of her favorite hobbies. Richmond is also within driving distance of both the mountains and the beach, so it is easy to get outside and stay active. Richmond is just one of many U.S. cities that are great places to live for young professionals like Desai. Here are some other favorites.

Erica Desai
Erica Desai

Boston, Massachusetts is a great place for young adults to live and work. The high concentration of colleges and universities means that there are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people, and the city has a consistently promising job market. It’s also easy to get around without a car, and there are plenty of historical and cultural attractions to explore. Although it can be expensive to live here, jobs also generally pay more to compensate.

Salt Lake City is a great place for young professionals who are looking for a low cost of living and a high quality of life. There are plenty of banks and other major companies based here, and it’s very easy to find a place to live. There’s plenty to do outdoors, from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking in the summer, and Sundance brings great independent movies to the area as well.

Austin, Texas has long been known as a mecca for hipsters, and it is easy to see why. The city has a vibrant music scene, as well as being known for being home to many great restaurants, shops, and clubs. There’s also plenty to do outdoors, and the weather is generally very mild. Job growth has also been consistent over the past decade, as tech start-ups have flocked to the area.

Denver, Colorado is another city that has been growing steadily over the past twenty years or so, and has a population that is statistically very young and active. There are plenty of job opportunities here, as well as lots of fun things to do, from skiing and hiking to exploring the city’s nationally renowned breweries and attending sports games.
These are just a few of the many amazing cities for young professionals in the United States. Twenty-somethings like Erica Desai should look not only for good financial opportunities, but also for places where they can really thrive and enjoy an exciting social life.