Erica Desai – How to Break Into the Healthcare Field

Erica Desai is a young and drive healthcare professional working in a heart care center in Durham, North Carolina. While the healthcare field can be extremely competitive, Desai found that she was able to succeed through years of hard work as well as a few smart career moves and an open-minded attitude. Desai did very well in high school, and even became a part of the National Honor Society as a result of her good grades. She later was on the Dean’s list at the University of North Carolina. The most important thing for anyone looking to succeed in healthcare (or any competitive field) is to take school seriously and have a positive attitude towards learning. In a difficult field like healthcare, one will always be learning on the job, so the ability to pick up new concepts and synthesize them with the knowledge you already have is very important.

Erica Desai

It is also important to look for jobs besides just becoming a doctor or a nurse. There are many different paths to working in healthcare besides just going to medical school or getting a nursing certificate. Desai actually has a Master’s degree in social work, but found that she was able to succeed in her work at the heart care center because she is very empathetic and has a natural talent for working with many different types of people. Desai also volunteered at the American Heart Association to get experience, which was an invaluable experience for her career. Through her volunteer work, Desai was able to learn new skills and make connections that were very helpful for her future job. If you are interested in breaking into healthcare, this kind of volunteer work can be a great stepping stone. Erica Desai loves her work in health care and encourages others who are interested to get involved as well.