Erica Desai – To Bake or To Cook?

Erica Desai enjoys baking and cooking. While both of these hobbies happen in the kitchen and yield something delicious, they are fundamentally different. Baking is a science, it requires you to follow a recipe exactly. Cooking is an art, you can get creative and change a recipe however you wish. Some people are excellent bakers, but struggle with cooking. Others love to cook, but their cakes always turn out dense and dry.

Erica DesaiBaking a cake, or cookies, requires a specific amount of flour, baking soda, baking powder, oil, and eggs. If you miss an ingredient, or if you add the wrong amount, there is a good chance that your cake will not rise and your cookies will be as hard as rocks. If you have years and years of baking experience, then you can change a recipe to suit your taste. However, you can never change the amount of these five ingredients if you want your baked good to turn out properly. If you love having a set of specific instructions to follow, this is a great hobby for you to try out.

Cooking has no such requirements. When you are whipping up a main dish or an appetizer, you can get as creative as you want. In fact, most great cooks explore the edges of creativity on a regular basis. If you find a great recipe for a hearty stew, try adding a few new spices to it. Or if you want to make a fantastic sauce, play around with the ingredients to make it a little creamier. Cooking is for people who do not like follow a set of instructions and are always willing to try something different.

Erica Desai loves to cook and to bake. She loves the feeling of accomplishment she gets every time she watches someone enjoy something she made.