Erica Desai – Vraj Youth Committee

The Vraj Youth Committee’s main goal is to preserve and nurture the intellectual, spiritual and cultural development of Hindu youth by encouraging service to the community and broadening knowledge of Indian heritage. The group was first established in 2002, and then formally re-established in August of 2005. The first executive board was introduced, which lay way for the future of the Vraj Youth. The committee was able to get past its beginning obstacles and proved itself as a permanent and vital part of the Vraj family.

Erica Desai

Vraj is dedicated to promote and protect the Indian culture and heritage within the local youth. They strive to bring awareness to causes and concerns within the community. They devote their time and volunteer efforts at Vraj events; by introducing the first newsletter written by and for Vraj Youth; and by managing and executing various gatherings and programs to unite and encourage Hindu youth in America. As the organization grows, they are constantly looking for ways to be more active and find interested youth to help them accomplish their goals.

Erica Desai is a professional who works in the health care sector. She always had a desire to help others and gets great satisfaction out of making a difference in someone’s life. She is also very active within her community and volunteers for organizations that educate the young adults in the area. She often volunteers at Vraj Camp in Pennsylvania, which helps to broaden the knowledge of Indian heritage to the youth.