Erica Desai – A Fulfilling Job

Erica Desai has always admired the hard work and dedication of workers in the healthcare industry; as well as their selfless mission to help others who suffer from poor health or injuries. That is why very early in life, she decided she would join the league of health care professionals and do her own part to offer her talents to the medical field.

Erica Desai (3)

As a twenty-four year old living in Richmond, Virginia with a dream such as this one, there is ample opportunity for someone like Erica Desai to grow. Richmond is home to some of the most recognized hospitals in the nation as well as two different universities that offer programs that grow individuals into this field.

Erica Desai is currently working at one of those hospitals, doing a residency in the heart health center. It is a requirement towards her goal of becoming a registered nurse and providing preliminary care to patients and prepping them for visits with the doctor. She says that one day she might work on becoming a doctor herself; but for now she sees plenty of work to be done in the nursing profession and she is excited to take on the challenge.

Erica Desai is a devoted individual working in the health care industry who says it is a very fulfilling job. She is able to interact with a variety of people on a daily basis who suffer from different ailments; enabling her to learn more about world cultures as well as complex medical conditions all at the same time.