Erica Desai – The Dean’s List

Erica Desai always worked hard in school, and it showed by her outstanding academic achievement. She became a member of the National Honor Society as a student in High School, and after she enrolled at the University of North Carolina she continued her academic excellence by making the Dean’s list for four semesters in a row.

Erica Desai

The Dean’s list, she says, is something that they have at virtually every institution of higher learning in the country – from community colleges through major four year universities. It is a list of those students who have performed well academically over the previous semester. It is considered a prestigious honor that recognizes academic excellence, and as Erica Desai knows, having made the Dean’s list is one of those things that look great on a résumé.

It’s an honor to make the Dean’s list, she says, but there is more to it than that. It is evidence of personal achievement that can look extremely attractive to potential employers, or to other schools should you decide to transfer. Because it is synonymous with academic excellence, making the Dean’s list has always been looked on favorably by a school’s faculty and by the rest of the student body.

Erica Desai has always studied hard, and so making the Dean’s list at the University of North Carolina was not a surprise to her, as much as she enjoyed the honor. Making the Dean’s list there or at any other school is really quite an achievement. She says that for her, the key to making the Dean’s list, as well as to having academic success in general, is being organized, having good study habits, seldom if ever missing a class, and always putting school work ahead of social time.